About Us

It’s challenging to know where to begin when you want to explore an idea like the impact that interest rates had on the bullion markets during the ’70s and ’80s. When we first tried to model this, all we could easily find were fragments of the data we needed; a long term chart of gold at one website and bond futures prices at another website. Lining up the dates on these pictures involved a lot of guesswork.

After scouring for enough of this type of historical data, a picture did emerge, but one that led to more questions. Did the gold-to-silver ratio act as a confirmation? What about the point where short term interest rates crossed above long term interest rates? How long did they stay like that? What was the impact to platinum, oil, and equities, all of which we discovered show a meaningful historical correlation? We built Portfolio Workstation and the technology under the hood to explore the endless series of questions that come from this type of research.

We are excited to introduce you to Portfolio Workstation. You will find Portfolio Workstation easy to use, yet powerful in its feature set. Built-in data connectors allow you to quickly download publicly available free data and start building financial models in just minutes. Let us show you how Portfolio Workstation can upgrade your investment research at our Learn page.

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